Meet The Doctor


Dr. Becky Peterson
Stanford Medical School trained Neuroradiologist.

Skëdagø was created by Dr. Becky Peterson, a Stanford Medical School trained doctor specializing in Radiology, with a subspecialty in Neuroradiology (brain and spine imaging).  As a mother of three and an avid runner, health and wellness has always been a personal and professional priority.  

She created Skëdagø to satisfy her own need for a desirable hydration solution – something that would help her stay ahead, not behind, of her hydration needs.  She wanted a throughout-the-day hydration mix without any of the downsides of the existing options, such as excessive sugar, artificial ingredients or sugar substitutes such as dextrose or maltodextrin.  

Dr. Becky has always enjoyed outdoor and active pursuits, most notably long-distance and trail running. She has completed three marathons, two at Big Sur along the stunning California coastline, and one on Vancouver Island. She currently resides in Northern New Jersey with her three boys and their labrador Tyler.  She loves being active outside – whether it’s running, biking, hiking, skiing, fishing, tennis, waterskiing, sailing, or any other active pursuit – because as Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance you must keep moving.”  And so she does.