What is Skëdagø?

Skëdagø is a premium ingredient electrolyte powder.  Just add to 16 oz of water, shake or stir vigorously, and you are good to go.  

When should I drink Skëdagø?

Skëdagø's electrolyte profile is designed as an “anytime” hydration mix.  Because the sodium is on the lower end, roughly half the sodium of leading electrolyte mixes, Skëdagø can be consumed multiple times a day.  This makes Skëdagø a “go-to” hydration solution – meaning no matter what your day holds, Skëdagø has you covered.

What electrolytes does Skëdagø contain?

Skëdagø contains the electrolytes (electronically charged minerals) sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.  Electrolytes are like little guideposts that direct the water to where it needs to go – into the bloodstream and to the cells of your body to ensure optimal functioning of muscles and nerves and water balance.  These electrolytes can help alleviate cramps and help muscles function more efficiently. 

What makes Skëdagø different from other electrolyte powders?

Skëdagø is a convenient, anytime hydration mix.  A lot of our competitors use sugar substitutes including stevia, sugar alcohols (such as erythritol, maltitol) or dextrose or maltodextrin which are highly processed.  At Skedago, we believe  that the less processed an ingredient, the more nutrition it has to offer your body.  That’s why we avoid all highly processed ingredients. 

Where can I find Skëdagø?

Skëdagø is currently sold on Amazon (and remember when you shop on https://smile.amazon.com they donate a portion of proceeds to your favorite cause!)  If you are a retailer interested in carrying Skëdagø in your store, please inquire here (link to contact page)

Can I prepare Skëdagø in my water bottle in advance? 

You can definitely prepare your Skëdagø in advance.  You will notice that the powder will come out of solution with time – this is because we have absolutely NO ADDITIVES, and this means no “dispersing agents”.  These are the additives that help powders stay in solution.  We rather you #shakeitlikeyoumeanit to help the powder dissolve than to add “agents” which don’t belong in your body, so - #shakeitlikeyoumeanit and you will be good to go!

How long is Skëdagø good for? 

Skëdagø is a shelf-stable product with a 24-month expiration date from the time of production. The expiration date can be found stamped on the box.

Can I overdose on Skëdagø?

Most of the nutrients in Skëdagø are water-soluble, meaning, any excessive consumption will be excreted through urine.  However, if you are on medication or have any medical conditions, it is always advisable to check with your doctor about electrolyte products.

Can I consume Skëdagø if I’m pregnant? 

There is no specific reason why you shouldn’t consume Skëdagø while pregnant, but it is always advisable to check with your physician about electrolyte products prior to use. 

Is Skëdagø safe for diabetics? 

Skëdagø contains a small amount of sugar which helps speed up the hydration process.   If you are diabetic, we recommend consulting with your physician prior to use.

Is Skëdagø safe for children? 

Skëdagø products do not contain any nutrients that are unsafe for children. however, the recommended daily requirements for children are different than those for adults.   Our Iced Tea flavor contains naturally-occurring caffeine (100 mg per serving), and therefore we suggest consulting with your child’s physician prior to use.

Is Skëdagø non-GMO? 

Yes, all Skëdagø products are non-GMO.  We are currently seeking certification.

Is Skëdagø gluten free? 

Yes, all Skëdagø products are gluten free.  We are currently seeking certification.

Is Skëdagø vegan? 

Yes, all Skëdagø products are vegan.

Is Skëdagø organic? 

All ingredients in Skëdagø that have an available organic source are organic. This includes organic cayenne pepper, organic turmeric, organic black tea powder, organic cane sugar, and organic maqui berry powder.  Our current supplier of crystallized lemon and lime do not offer an organic option, although we are working on this!  The Himalayan pink salt is organic, however the other electrolytes (magnesium citrate, potassium citrate and calcium citrate) do not have organic sources. 

Does Skëdagø contain any tree nuts and/or is it manufactured in a facility that processes, handles, or produces products with any tree nuts?

Skëdagø does not contain any tree nuts, and is manufactured in a facility that does not contain tree nuts in any product it produces.  However, we can not guarantee that the ingredients in Skëdagø were not produced in a facility that processes or handles tree nuts.

Where is Skëdagø manufactured?

Skëdagø is proudly manufactured in the USA in Utah, using domestic and imported ingredients.

Can I recycle my Skëdagø carton?

Yes, all Skëdagø cartons are recyclable paper products.   The stick packs are not recyclable at this time.

Does Skëdagø ship internationally? 

At this time Skëdagø does not ship internationally.   But if you are interested in our product, please reach out to us at hello@skedago.com and we will keep you posted!

What do I do if I have a question or problem with my order?

Feel free to email us at hello@skedago.com with questions, comments or concerns about your order or the product.

What is Skëdagø’s mission?

Skëdagø's mission is to combat daily dehydration, which is the #1 cause of the midday slump and takes a toll on our daily productivity and well-being.   

Why is organic cane sugar the first ingredient in Skëdagø?

Skëdagø avoids all highly processed sugar substitutes, which can have an unusual taste, cause uncomfortable gut feelings, and also can confuse your body and potentially lead to overeating later.   Our pinch of organic cane sugar adds just a touch of sweetness, while also serving an important function- speeding up hydration.   

How does Skëdagø’s sugar content stack up to other drinks?

With only 6 grams of sugar per serving (for 16 oz of water), Skedago is a fraction of our competitors with sugar.   

How was Skëdagø started?

In June of 2015, Dr. Becky Peterson grew tired of always being dehydrated – whether she was at work in the hospital or running trails in the foothills of Northern California.  She had tried almost every water enhancer and electrolyte mix on the market, and found none of them had what she was looking for – key electrolytes (without too much sodium), a hint of sweetness, and no artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, or nebulous “natural flavors”.  She wanted clear ingredients, enticing flavor, and that tiny bit of sugar for flavor and function (speeding hydration through the sodium glucose pump in the gut).  Not finding such a product available, she bought the ingredients she needed and started playing around with combinations in the kitchen.  And thus, Skëdagø was born.


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