Skëdagø (skeh-da-go) means “whole body health”. While it may seem to be from an ancient Scandinavian language, it is actually a word invented by our founder, Dr. Becky Peterson. She wanted a way to describe what was missing in existing sports and electrolyte drinks.

Skëdagø means looking at the big picture - like not being on a fad diet that gives you short-term weight loss but is bad for long-term health. Or consuming products that contain zero sugar but use highly processed sugar substitutes, which can disrupt your gut microbiome and cause bloating and other bad gut feelings. It means finding a sustainable way to be healthy that is aligned with your long-term goals.

Skëdagø has clean (meaning minimally processed) ingredients from real food - not a flavor factory. It has balanced electrolytes, meaning what your body really needs and isn’t getting from your diet (light on the sodium, heavy on the magnesium). And it has just enough raw, organic cane sugar to speed hydration (it’s a sodium-glucose pump thing...) so that the water and electrolytes get into your bloodstream quicker, instead of sloshing around in your belly.

Skëdagø has a pinch of organic cane sugar – 6 grams per serving, which flavors 16 oz of water. A fraction of leading sports drinks. When you drink Skëdagø, you will notice a very subtle sweetness. This pinch of sugar serves a dual purpose of flavor and function. When you drink water with electrolytes, you need a pinch of sugar to “open” the shortcut from the gut to your cells (technical name, the sodium glucose pump in the small intestine).

Some of our competitors use a little bit of sugar but also add Stevia or other highly processed sugar substitutes to give a sweeter flavor. We avoid Stevia and other sugar substitutes because of their potential disruption of the gut microbiome and other bad effects on the gut. But another reason we avoid them is because of research which suggests that “non-nutritive sweeteners (NNS) “– sweeteners without calories – can confuse your body, because when you taste something sweet your body anticipates getting calories. And when the anticipated calories aren’t there, you make up for it by eating more later. Kind of like. your body doesn’t like being tricked. We at Skëdagø like to keep it clear and transparent – for you and your body.

An electrolyte is a mineral that is highly reactive in water - when it dissolves in water, it creates positively or negatively charged ions, which allow it to conduct electricity (hence “electrolytes”), which is important for many body functions.

Throughout the day!

Because of Skëdagø’s balanced electrolyte profile, it is safe (and encouraged!) to drink it throughout the day. Try it during a workout (we love to use it on the Peloton and during hot yoga), on a long run or bike ride, or when recovering from a fun night out. Hydration is still important even on the days when you don’t exercise, because your body and mind still need hydration for optimal performance. Alternating plain water with Skëdagø is a great way to meet your daily hydration needs.

Just rip open your Skëdagø stick pack of choice and add to16 oz of water (more or less, according to taste). Shake or stir vigorously. If your Skëdagø isn’t dissolving all the way, that’s okay! It’s because we left the chemicals out, and if you “shake it like you mean it” it will dissolve enough.

Skëdagø is currently sold on Amazon (and remember when you shop on https://smile.amazon.com they donate a portion of proceeds to your favorite cause!) If you are a retailer interested in carrying Skëdagø in your store, please inquire here (Contact Us)

You can definitely prepare your Skëdagø in advance. You will notice that the powder will come out of solution with time – this is because we have absolutely NO ADDITIVES, and this means no “dispersing agents”. These are the additives that help powders stay in solution. We rather you #shakeitlikeyoumeanit to help the powder dissolve than to add “agents” which don’t belong in your body, so - #shakeitlikeyoumeanit and you will be good to go!

Skëdagø is a shelf-stable product with a 24-month expiration date from the time of production. The expiration date can be found stamped on the box.

Skëdagø is a convenient, anytime hydration mix. A lot of our competitors use sugar substitutes including stevia, sugar alcohols (such as erythritol, maltitol) or dextrose or maltodextrin which are highly processed. At Skëdagø, we believe that the less processed an ingredient, the more nutrition it has to offer your body. That’s why we avoid all highly processed ingredients.

Skëdagø products do not contain any nutrients that are unsafe for children. however, the recommended daily requirements for children are different than those for adults. Our Iced Tea flavor contains naturally-occurring caffeine (100 mg per serving), and therefore we suggest consulting with your child’s physician prior to use.

Skëdagø does not contain any tree nuts, and is manufactured in a facility that does not contain tree nuts in any product it produces. However, we can not guarantee that the ingredients in Skëdagø were not produced in a facility that processes or handles tree nuts.

Skëdagø is proudly manufactured in the USA in Utah, using domestic and imported ingredients.

At this time Skëdagø does not ship internationally. But if you are interested in our product, please reach out to us at hello@skedago.com and we will keep you posted!