Our Story

It all began with a plastic bag full of sticky lemonade mix…

It was June 2015, and my husband and I along with our three boys ages 2, 4, and 8 were living in a hotel room as we prepared to sell our Bay Area house and move back to the East Coast. Our lives were in transition…house, career, everything. We were living out of suitcases. Life was messy!

Long-distance running had always been my way of maintaining an even keel during life’s ups and downs. One morning, I was getting ready for a sanity-saving run down the Windy Hill Preserve Spring Trail in the Northern California foothills. As much as I knew I needed to drink water, I never seemed to drink enough of it without adding something to liven it up. I grabbed a plastic bag of lemonade mix and tried to pour a bit of it into my water bottle, only to create a sticky mess. I thought in frustration, “there’s got to be a better way.”

Sure, I had tried stick packs, effervescent tablets, and squirt bottles of water enhancers. But none of these had the taste or the kind of ingredients I was after…great flavor, a hint of sweetness, with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or other unpronounceable ingredients.

At that messy moment, the idea for Skëdagø was born: delicious flavor from all natural ingredients and electrolytes to power you through your day.

As for all of those transitions, well, I think I’m learning that life itself is just one big, messy transition. When we’re on the go, in-between, and on our way from somewhere to somewhere else, Skëdagø means a little more delicious, healthy fun and a little less mess.


Skëdagø Founder Becky Peterson is a physician, wife, mother of three, and avid trail runner who designed Skëdagø for active people of all ages who care about their bodies and the health of the planet.

More About Becky

Becky Peterson is a radiologist with specialty training in neuroradiology, the imaging of disorders of the brain and spine. While working at the Kaiser Permanente Neurosurgery Center in Redwood City, CA, Becky had the privilege of working with neurosurgeons and other clinical physicians of the highest caliber. In 2012, Becky made the difficult decision to put her medical practice on hold to focus on creative endeavors and family life. In the summer of 2015, she moved with her husband and three young boys from the Bay Area to Northern New Jersey to be closer to extended family. Becky, a New York City native, has always enjoyed outdoor and active pursuits, most notably long-distance running. She has completed three marathons, two at Big Sur along the stunning California coastline and one on Vancouver Island. She especially enjoys trail-running, with a particular fondness for racing through Muir Woods.

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