Skëdagø Announces New Ambassador, Professional Snowboarder Zoe Kalapos

Hi everyone, my name is Zoe Kalapos (@zoe_kalapos), and I’m Skëdagø’s newest brand ambassador! am a professional snowboarder who competes in Snowboard Halfpipe. I started skiing at the age of two and switched to snowboarding at the age of five. I never looked back after that.

I grew up snowboarding in Northern Michigan on the weekends with my family. My love for snowboarding started at our local resort Boyne Highlands. My mom is an avid skier, and my dad is a long-time snowboarder. Around the age of seven, I started following my dad through the terrain park and halfpipe. He was my biggest snowboarding inspiration then, and still is now. My dad even bought a snowblower and two rails that he set up in our backyard for me to practice snowboarding! We called it Mt. Kalapos, and we would ride our backyard set up every morning before and after school. His love for snowboarding was infectious. 

My brother and I began competing in local competitions at the age of 10. By the time I was 13 years old, I was winning most of my contests and was ranked the highest in my USASA region.  After a few seasons of placing well at USASA Nationals, my family decided it was time to move out West to more heavily pursue competitive snowboarding. We moved to Avon, Colorado, so my brother and I could attend the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy and train with Ski and Snowboard Club Vail. At the time, my mom was a full-time teacher in Michigan, so she had to stay in Michigan and work so we could pursue our dream. She would come to visit every weekend, and we would all go riding together as a family. My parents’ willingness to sacrifice for my dream meant the world to me and gave me that extra push anytime I was feeling down on myself. We are all happily living together in Colorado now, and my mom has retired after 30 years of teaching.

My love for snowboarding only grew after our move to Colorado. Throughout high school, I was traveling to many national and international contests and placing well. I was named to the U.S. Snowboard Rookie Team during my senior year of high school. This was a significant turning point in my career! I missed the 2018 Olympics by a few spots, and this inspired me to push myself these past few years. Going into the 2022 Olympics, I am ranked 3rdAmerican. Four American’s will be named to the team and I hoping to be one of them.

I am so excited to partner with Skëdagø going into this Olympic run. On-snow and off-snow training can be strenuous and tiresome on my body. Skëdagø is the perfect solution to keep my body functioning at a high capacity and stay healthy going into this season. Please tag along with Skëdagø and myself during my Olympic run!


Zoe ✌️

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