From Zoe Kalapos: Greetings from Park City!

Source: USANA Center of Excellence

Hi everyone! I hope your summer is going well and that you’ve been staying healthy, thanks to your Skëdagø!

I have had a very busy summer so far. Unfortunately, at a training camp in May, I broke my humerus. This ended up changing my summer plans quite a bit. I’ve been in Utah doing rehab at the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team facility. Thankfully, my arm is healing well and I’m getting stronger every day.

As part of my return to snow protocol, I was able to go to Mt. Hood in Oregon to one to three freeride (off-course) laps per day, which means snowboarding on ungroomed snow without following a particular course. Mt. Hood is always my favorite camp of the year. It’s usually sunny every day and a cool 70-80 degrees while riding… doesn’t get much better than that! 

Staying hydrated on Mt. Hood!

Since this season is an Olympic year, I’ve decided to take it very easy while riding. I didn’t want to push my arm too much, where I could risk reinjuring it. While I was at Mt. Hood, I was allowed to do one to three freeride laps per day. Getting back on my snowboard was the best feeling after an injury. It made all my time in the gym and at physical therapy worth it.

The things we do for our love of the sport!

Now, I’m back in Salt Lake City training at the U.S. Team facility and working to get stronger every day. In October, I’ll be heading to the village of Saas-Fee, Switzerland for my next training camp.

The Hotel du Glacier in Saas-Fee (image licensed from iStock)

Saas-Fee is gorgeous and the riding is always amazing. I will be in Saas-Fee for the entire month of October training with my team, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll have a live update posted from Switzerland.

Thank you so much for tagging along, and stay hydrated!


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